Future proof and adaptable over time
The purpose of the location is ~

HAUT is not only a sturdy and robust building, but also offers beautiful homes with amazing views, all with a wooden supporting structure. This makes HAUT one of the most innovative buildings in the world.”

Do Janne Vermeulen - partner and architect Team V Architectuur

Unusual perspective at HAUT

Futumorphing, our third word. We use it for buildings with an ingenious, future-oriented design.

Like HAUT. An architectural marvel on the river Amstel which is the world’s highest residential tower made of wood. Its name is a creative mix of the Dutch word for wood (hout) and the French word for high (haut).

HAUT is absolutely future proof, with a BREEAM Outstanding certificate for sustainability, high quality, great variation in layout and lots of possibilities for reuse of the materials. But more than anything else, HAUT takes CO2 out of the air and stores it inside the wood. The more wooden buildings, the cleaner the air!


sustainable and changeable over time
the purpose of the location is ~