Our name

Our company was named after an out-of-use FIAT plant in Turin – called Lingotto – that was given a second life. The building, that even had a car test track on the roof, was entrusted to the creative hands of the Italian master architect Renzo Piano, who gave it more than one new purpose: assembly lines were replaced by shops, a university, hotels, conference halls, a museum, a mega cinema and several nightlife settings. We find our inspiration in the idea that a factory does not necessarily have to remain a factory.



We are both real estate professionals and entrepreneurs. We have our own unique perspective on the world of buildings and areas. We see opportunities where others see threats. We always make sure to work with the right partners for each project. We believe that successful development requires local entrepreneurship and customized services. Our methods may be unconventional, but have a close bond with society and the city. Lingotto stands for non-conformism, knowledge and creativity and consists of a compact team that couples extensive experience with fresh new talent.

This website shows you what the power of our imagination can bring you, by leading you around a number of extraordinary projects. In the past fifteen years, however, we have taken on so many more buildings and areas. And we are nowhere near finished yet!

We kindly invite you to share your views and perspectives with us and develop new places together. After all, without imagination a building is nothing more than a pile of bricks.


Sustainability has become such a common word that it covers about anything – and nothing. To us, however, sustainability is a mindset, which makes us reflect non-stop on what may be the best choice for a particular situation. In other words, our focus is on customization instead of on following standard procedures. Each location, every building and all functions offer their own opportunities to recognize and seize. And those require meaningful choices that make sense.

To Lingotto it is critical that buildings are comfortable to use and that they are developed and furnished with optimum flexibility. It’s the only way they can be adapted to changing needs and circumstances and keep offering valuable space for new functions in the future. Preferably for as many users as possible and at any time of the day. In that way, we make the most out of our scarce raw materials and limited space. In addition, we work with natural and reusable materials as much as possible and we prepare projects for new types of mobility, responding to the needs of users. This, combined with various other ‘technical means’, saves energy and avoids unnecessary CO2 emissions.

Along this line of thinking, Lingotto has developed many projects in a highly sustainable manner: from transforming an abandoned parking garage into a vibrant food court to realizing sustainably adaptable buildings. And from the first energy-neutral residential tower in The Netherlands to the first BREEAM-Outstanding residential building made of wood. We take our responsibility in the Lingotto-forest and replant & maintain the amount of trees processed in our wooden buildings HAUT, HoutWerk en HoutWerk II. We make full circle!


Our people